The reception

We held the reception at the American Legion Hall around the lake. We arrived there almost an hour later than we'd originally planned, but still in good spirits. Fortunately, so were our guests.

[The grand entrance]

The band was just about ready when we arrived, so we started the evening going with the first dance, to Cole Porter's ``Night and Day.''

[David and Dawn start the dancing] [Look at the lights!] [Still dancing!]

Even though we'd just spent all morning decorating the hall, we still couldn't get over how beautiful everything was!

[The ceiling lights] [From a different angle]

Then everyone joined us on the floor. The band played our favorite dance tunes all night--it was hard not to dance!

[Now everyone dance!] [Dawn and her father share a special moment] [David dances with the new family] [...while Dawn dances with the newest]

Meanwhile, there was plenty of food for those who weren't in the dancing mood. Everyone waited for us to have some before they served themselves--so we made it a point to fill up our plates early. (Our filled plates spent most of the night untouched at our table.)

[What a spread!]

When the band took a break, we took advantage of the time to cut the wedding cake. It was a red velvet cake, moist and delicious--too bad our only taste was the bit we fed each other!

[The cutting of the cake] [Feeding each other cake] [You've got some icing on your face] [Cake for all!]

The cake was distributed and the band started up again, and there was more dancing. We're told the guests really enjoyed the cake--we missed it, somehow.

It seemed just a few minutes more before the band was packing up and guests were saying goodbye. (Where did the time go?) We took our cue to toss the bouquet and the garter, and took our exit--running back out the stairs under a barrage of birdseed.

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