David and Dawn arrive at Legion hall
Reserve parking space for Dawn's father's car
Caterer arrives to do tables
Turn A/C on full blast
Make sure ice maker is turned on
Set up tables and chairs according to diagram
Put tablecloths on tables according to diagram
Put crackle globes and candles on tables
Run extension cord through ceiling and put up lights
Set out favor boxes and seed favors and guest book with pen
Put table number signs on tables
Put tablecloths on fireplaces
Remove hanging signs
Drape tulle on cake table and head tables (after caterer's
  tablecloth is down)
Find white sheet to drape over hallway
Put fairy lights where seems appropriate (entry way doors)

Canopy is delivered and set up begins behind legion hall
Ms. Force arrives with dried flowers

Canopy should be set up
Set up of chairs begins at gazebo
Drape tulle and dried flowers on canopy
Wind tulle around stairway railings behind legion hall
Drape tulle and dried flowers on gazebo
Wind tulle around gazebo railings
Set up table and a few chairs outside under canopy

Dawn leaves to take shower

Shirin and Dawn go to florist, pick up headpiece, inspect
  flowers, pick up Mom, go to hair appointment
Set up stereo equipment at gazebo (have plastic bags ready
  in case of rain)
Move car guarding parking space; put orange cones in its
Appoint someone to guard stereo equipment and parking space
Put aisle runner at gazebo

Dawn has hair appointment
David leaves to take shower

Michael leaves to take shower

Dawn has makeup appointment
David and Michael should be back at the legion hall

Ushers arrive
Cake is delivered.
Cake needs to be set up on cake table
Flowers are delivered.  Abbie's flowers: 224-3473
  10 boutonnieres - one with rose goes to David, rest to
  ushers, fathers, grandfathers, and preacher
  4 corsages - to mothers and grandmothers
  3 attendant's bouquets - to David's apartment for Mary,
  Shirin, and Karyn
  1 bridal bouquet - to David's apartment for Dawn
  1 tossing bouquet - waits on head table for reception
  1 cake top - gets put on cake by florist
Ms. Force brings ivy
Ms. Force brings plant stands for gazebo
Ivy is wound around the gazebo railings
Ivy is placed around crackle globes
Any remaining ivy is wound around legion stairway railings
Susie leaves to take shower and brings flowers

Dawn returns; ladies get dressed at David's apartment

Caterer brings food and sets up.  Caterer: 385-1824, Ms.
  Chris Jeffcoat
Caterer sets up table under canopy with ice water and fruit
Put out bread for ducks under canopy
Susie starts the wedding music at gazebo

Dawn gives Karyn the ring
Dawn's mother and attendants walk back to gazebo
Michael and David wait at gazebo with officiant with
  marriage license and rings

Dawn and her father drive around lake
Dawn's father gives keys (or combination?) to usher

Ceremony begins

Band sets up
Ceremony ends
Guests head over to legion hall
Photos begin
Bread is set out for guests
Ushers move stereo equipment to Dawn's father's car and
  cover it with sheet

The tulle is taken down from the gazebo and flowers are
  carried to the canopy
The chairs are removed by the rental company
Shelly lights the candles
Taped music starts in hall
The legion doors are opened
Receiving line forms: Dawn's mother, Dawn's father, David's
  mother, David's father, Dawn, David

Band begins to play