David's 30th Birthday Party

The end of my third decade was well-celebrated. The theme of the party was recapturing childlike creativity, so we had:

pcd2/img0051 pcd2/img0052
Finger painting on the patio doors,

and Play-Doh construction in the living room. But we mustn't forget:

pcd2/img0054 pcd2/img0056 pcd2/img0055
The Silly String battle!

pcd2/img0058 pcd2/img0057
(which did leave the house in a bit of a mess.)

pcd2/img0059 pcd2/img0060
But no one seemed to mind.

pcd2/img0061 We did prove that we were no longer children, however, when everyone spontaneously pitched in to start cleaning things up. (As Mark pointed out, we even separated out the different-colored bits of Play-Doh before putting each bit into its proper canister. Well, we can't be kids forever.)


The Silly String did make a somewhat threatening ball of goo.

Meanwhile, our patio artists had created a very pretty display. Here are samples of the art:

pcd2/img0070 pcd3/img0001 pcd3/img0002 pcd3/img0003 pcd3/img0005 pcd3/img0009 pcd3/img0008

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