The Rose Parade

It would be cold out on the street all night. Cold for the rest of us, at least. Susie shows off her figure in Dawn's classic red flannel underwear, with a flap on the butt.

Late at night, we were still going strong, fueled by Godiva and good company.

Even after the sun came up, some of us were still functional.

It didn't take much longer after that, though.

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Waking up wasn't the easiest thing we've ever done.

We had to organize all of our stuff and consolidate it to make room for the hundreds of people who were now descending on our space. We're so polite!

Susie demonstrates the correct way to drink sparkling apple cider . . .

. . . while the rest of us just lounge around, waiting for the parade to start.

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Dawn and Jesse both got balloons from a passing street vendor.

Finally, we were seated and ready for the parade.

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Was it worth it all? Of course. It's the Rose Parade!


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