David and Dawn's Living Room

The following images were generated as a composite of eighteen separate images we took of our living room using a standard 35mm camera and an ordinary lens.  Click here for more on how we generated the images.  We took these pictures the day after our pumpkin carving party, and you can see our freshly carved pumpkins in the corner behind the hammock chair.

Here is a 360-degree cylindrical panoramic image of our living room (a bookshelf behind the camera is visible on both the left and right sides of the picture).  This is the sort of picture you would get if you had one of those rotating cameras people sometimes use to take large group shots.

This is the same picture as a fisheye image, for fun.  This is how our living room would look if you could see it through a 360-degree fisheye lens (although I'm not sure that this kind of lens is even physically possible).  This time the camera is positioned with its back to the dark hallway, which appears as a dark ring around the circular image.

Finally, here is my favorite.  This is the same thing again, this time as an interactive pan-around image.  This does require a plugin (downloadable from Live Picture, here) in order to view it which will only run on a Windows or Mac machine.  Click here to see a more-detailed pan-around image that uses the whole browser window.  If you don't have a Windows or Mac computer handy, or you don't want to mess around with plugins, you can try this Java viewer, although image quality and scrolling speed are poor.

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