Catalina Island '97

On the way to the island, by ferry. It was cold and windy, but nice to be outside; we took turns sitting on the upper deck. Here's Michael cleverly using two lovely ladies as windbreakers.

We stayed in the Casa Mariquita hotel. This is how it looked to us when we arrived--very pretty.

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It didn't take David and Shirin long to get into trouble!

Dawn got this fine "crushable" hat there, and then I misplaced the camera bag. Fortunately, a tourist from a passing cruise ship found it and turned it in to a nearby hotel's lost-and-found. (From this point on, we're keeping our name and address on a card easily found within the camera bag.) I snapped this picture immediately after recovering the camera.

Michael and Susie posing in front of some brilliant blue flowers, early in the day when spirits were high.

Happy to be here! You can see the famous Catalina Casino building in the background.

Susie kept losing her head. Fortunately, Michael was around to keep track of it.

The sunset was magnificent, of course.

Waiting for dinner. Whenever you're ready.

The Casino, at night. We snapped this on our way off the island.

pcd1/img0079 pcd1/img0081
And this is the ferry that took us home. The laser beam was advertising some nightclub in Long Beach that we drove around in search of, but by the time we got there, it seemed to be pretty much shut down. We were tired, anyway.


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