The ceremony

Finally, the last guests were seated, and the ceremony music (1.2M) began. Dawn's mother was seated, and David, Michael, and Mr. Curtis took their places at the end of the gazebo ramp.

[The ceremony begins]

Meanwhile, the remaining honor attendants were walking down the aisle and taking their places to music as well.

[Mary walks the aisle]

When everyone was standing ready, the bride's processional (1.1M) music began, and Dawn and her father began the long walk from the street.

[Waiting for Dawn] [Dawn approaches] [All stand for the bride] [Taking hands]

She was here! Mr. Curtis read the ceremony, and everything proceeded wonderfully.

[Holding hands] [Beaming parents and smiling guests] [From the guests' view]

We asked each of our attendants to read a bit of poetry for the occasion.

[Our attendants read poetry]

Except for a bit of fumbling with the microphone, everything went very smoothly.

[The exchange of rings] [The kiss!]

Our kiss cued the recessional (725K), and the end of the ceremony! We ran back down the aisle, and our parents were escorted out behind us.

[Dawn and David run down the aisle] [Now where do we go?] [Dawn's mom is escorted down] [David's mom is escorted down]

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