Before the ceremony

The weather turned out to be perfect. All worries about rain or excessive heat were unfounded; though it had rained (even hailed!) the week before and been sweltering every other day, this Saturday was a breezy, clear summer day.

The lake's fountain was working well and the gazebo's decorations (put up that morning) were beautiful!

[The Lake Ella fountain] [The decorated gazebo]

At David's apartment across the street, the ladies were getting ready.

[Putting on the dress] [How does this veil thing work?]
[Am I ready?] [A little tricky to get down the steps]
[Almost down!] [The women are ready]

For one reason or another, things were running a bit behind schedule. Meanwhile, back at the lake, guests were being seated, the music was playing, and David and Michael were standing around waiting for something interesting to happen.

[Getting things going] [Clueless men waiting]

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