Welcome to Key West

kw98030- We found Key West a very welcoming place.  This is the "cottage" we stayed in; it was actually a very nice little house, with all the amenities.  It also had a little plaque on the front announcing its listing on the Register of Historic Places.

We had a pool and a jacuzzi to play in, too, at the main rental office down the street.  The solstice and the jacuzzi inspired Dawn, Shirin, and Anna to spontaneous poetry, which you can read here.
kw980709 kw980712

kw980607 kw980402 Key West is awesome.  Of course, any place where a crowd gathers every day just to watch the sunset--and then applauds when it's over--is awesome.

kw980822 Although the beaches aren't anything to sing about.  (Thanks to the coral reef, waves don't crash onto Key West shores, and thus don't form sandy beaches.  If there is sand, it's been trucked in.)

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