Early that morning

Everyone stayed up very late working on details the night before the wedding. While David and Dawn were packing for their honeymoon, Mary was downstairs putting the wedding music onto a tape, and across town Susie and Fran were putting the last-minute touches on Dawn's wedding gown.

[Fran and Susie at work]

In spite of our lack of sleep, we went ahead with our plans to get up early to get things started. We only had from 8:00 till around 3 or 4:00 to completely transform the Legion Hall and the gazebo at Lake Ella.

Michael, Susie, Shirin, and Steve met us to help out.

[Moving tables] [Steve taking down a beer sign]

Throughout the day the six of us, plus some of our family members (not to mention the inestimable help of Shelley and Bob of the Legion Hall, and Kristy Force with the ivy) ran around constantly, each taking care of some part of the whole until--almost surprisingly--everything was done. And it was beautiful!

[Stringing up lights 1] [Stringing up lights 2] [Stringing up lights 3] [David's family helping with the ivy]

Here is the tentative schedule we'd prepared for the day (which didn't actually get followed very closely).

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